Masters 2005 Bench Results

1st 64 KEARBEY'S LOW BALL Kearbey's Champ - Kearbey's Katie David Kearby Ellsinore, Missouri
2nd 25 HOEHNER'S PAYCHECK Hoehner's Heartache - Hoehner's Saratoga Jolly John Hoehner & Bud Taylor Dongola, Illinois
3rd 70 BROWNLAND DUKE Wood's Snake - McCory's Ruth Brownland Kennel Winona, Mississippi
4th 28 HOUGH'S TANK Hough's Black Cat Ike - Hough's Britchs Greg Hough Lexington, Missouri
5th 92 JEFFERIE'S CREEK TALLMAN East Coast Hollywood - Murphy's Blondie Jefferie's Creek Kennel Pamplico, South Carolina
6th 73 THISTLEHILL STINGER MoO(f)Ch. Thistlehill Rocky - MoO(f)Ch. Sweets Fly Bob & Dorothy Carlson Dawn, Missouri
7th 510 MoStJu(f)Ch.OQ's Rockin Red Reuben Ray O Vac OQ - Perkin's Delilah Howard Owen & Sons Middletown, Missouri
8th 80 KEARBEY'S MOON Kearbey's Lucky II - Kearbey's Jenny Richard Blake Eminence, Missouri
9th 119 WELL'S HIGH TIDE Well's Shorty - Well's Night Magic Kevin Wells Xenia, Illinois
10th 54 THORNTON'S JACK Boone's Someday - Thornton's Frosty Gary Mansfield Ashdown, Arkansas
1st 20 WC(b)Ch.HOEHNER'S LIL BIT Leafloor's Bopper - Leafloor's Lil Bit Scott & Brad Hoehner Anna, Illinois
2nd 98 POND'S HOLLY Teat's Banjo - Unknown Perry Pond Tom, Oklahoma
3rd 618 BC(f)Ch.Kearbey's Flower Kearbey's Buck - M&D's Satin David Kearby Ellsinore, Missouri
4th 50 BLAKE'S MS. SMARTY PANTS SOY.Parker's Mr. Colby - Charlie's Cheerio Richard Blake Eminence, Missouri
5th 68 STAHL'S KALLIE Kearbey's Champ - MoStJu(d)Ch.Stahl's Little Debbie Benji Stahl Ellsinore, Missouri
6th 161 RHODE'S WONDER WOMAN AA(f)Ch.Hoehner's Superman - Fatman's Babe John Hoehner & Bud Taylor Dongola, Illinois
7th 811 GUM'S TOOTSIE Williams Rebel Lee - Gordon's Red B. Bob Gum Thomasville, Missouri
8th 99 M'S CRICKET McMillan's Simon - Hanna M. Bill Mackie Higginsville, Missouri
9th 10 SPIRE'S ABBY H. II Pinedale Gunner B. - Porter's Silver Haskell Spires Sumrall, Mississippi
10th 100 RICKY'S APACHE P. Lofton's Noah L. - Bonnette's China Baby Ricky Paul Deville, Louisiana