2006 Masters

Field Trial and Bench Show


Sand Sifters

Clarksville, Florida

Highest General Average

1st HGA - #44 Hoehner's Slinger H. (HOY Hoehner's Slide~Well's Breeze)

John & Victor Hoehner, Dongola, Illinois

Combination Winner

2nd HGA - #15 Byrd's Sue Ellen (Hammerin Down Ben~Hammerin Down Slide)

Lost Creeek Kennels, Crawfordville, Florida

3rd HGA - #8 Ramblin "D" Emmy (Boone's Someday~Soilean's Agnes)

Ramblin "D" Kennel Liberty, Mississippi

4th HGA - #16 Hammerin Down Sis (Almond's Woodstock~Spire's Sissy)

Robert Jackson Clarksville, Florida

5th HGA - #11 Willow Oak Debbie (Willow Oak Wink~Willow Oak Blabber Mouth

George Rogero, Ashford, Alabama

6th HGA - #98 DM Janie (DM Daniel~DM Sunshine)

Danny Morris, Hunter, Arkansas

7th HGA - #40 Hammerin Down Diddle Dobber (Hammerin Down Ben~Durham's Flasher)

Robert Jackson, Clarksville, Florida

No Picture

8th HGA - #135 East Coast Cobra (East Coast Hollywood~Parker's Jackie Jo

East Coast Kennels, Ayden, North Carolina

No Picture

9th HGA- #42 JW's Cookie (W&W Black Snake~Waldrop's Frosty)

Jim Welch, Crawfordville, Florida

10th HGA - #105 Myhill's Misty (Ziploc Hellums~AFBA's Rice Bird)

T Myhill Foxhound Kennels, Edgewater, Florida

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